Top 25 Los Angeles Lakers All-Time Players (2023)

thislos angeles lakersThey are one of the most famous teams in the NBA. for some of themifbasketball. The franchise's history is full of iconic players, many of whom are beloved by Lakers fans. Ranking their top 25 players is a tough job, especially since the player many of you will be mad at isn't number one. Here are the top 25 players in Lakers history. LeBron isn't gone yet.

25. Eldner Campbell

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Campbell began his career with the Lakers, providing nine seasons of defensive deterrence. He ranks third all-time on the team in blocked shots and has averaged double-digit points per game with the team over the past six years. Although he never made an All-Star team, he had a long and successful career. Since we are reluctant to include too many early NBA players, Campbell is a good choice. Some people really remember him.

24. Eddie Jones

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Yes, Jones only played four seasons for the Lakers, but those four seasons were pretty impressive. He was a two-time All-Star for his prowess from the 3-point line and his penchant for steals. Jones' 2.1 steals per game remains a team record, and he ranks fifth in 3-pointers.

23. Slater Martin

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Martin is a Hall of Famer and four-time All-Star with the Lakers. However, it was the Minneapolis Lakers at the time. He played the first game of the series in 1949, which should give you an idea of ​​how long ago that was. While he was clearly a great player of his time, basketball was a different game then than it is now. Still, his Hall of Fame status is impeccable.

22.Nick Van Exel

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Van Exel has done pretty well with a second-round pick. He played his first five seasons in Los Angeles as a promising quarterback. Although Quick Nick never took his game to the next level, his final year in Los Angeles was his only All-Star selection. But he's a talented player with a great sense of humor. He ranks third in franchise history in both 3-point percentage and attempts and averages 7.3 assists per game.

21. Norma Nixon

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You know who the Lakers are number one in assists per game, but do you know who is number two? Well, now you know. Nixon averaged 7.9 points per game in six seasons with the team. He also averaged 16.4 points and 1.8 steals per game. Of course, since he played in Los Angeles in the late 70s and early 80s, it's been somewhat overshadowed.

20. Jamal Wilkes

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Wilkes is in the Hall of Fame, and while he didn't spend his entire career with the Lakers, he had eight of his 12 seasons with the Purple and Gold. He averaged more than 20 points per game in three seasons and ranks 10th in franchise history in points per game and points scored.

19. Derek Fisher

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Kevin Sullivan/Orange County Register/MCT/Sipa, USA

While his numbers aren't as flashy as some of the other former Lakers, Fisher is one of the most beloved players in franchise history. It sure feels like a Laker, if it's worth it. That's probably because he's been with the team for 13 years, including five championship teams. Fisher is top 10 in several categories, likely in part because he finished fifth in the pro game in Los Angeles.

18. Rudy'ego LaRusso

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LaRusso (who, if basketball references are to be believed, was dubbed "Honey Boy" by some) spanned the era between his final season in Minneapolis and their first season in Los Angeles playing for the Lakers. He played a total of five All-Star games, three of which were with the Lakers, and averaged 9.6 rebounds per game, also with the Purple and Gold. Basketball wasn't as dynamic back then, but rebounding rates were still impressive.

17. Michael Cooper

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Cooper is a quintessential Laker in that he has played for the team his entire career, including five championship teams. While his offense is limited, he more than makes up for it defensively. He was named to the All-Defensive first or second team eight times and was named Defensive Player of the Year once. Interestingly, he's also a 3-point shooter. If he plays 20 years from now, he'll be a multi-year All-Star.

16. Vlade Divac

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Good old Vlad. He played a total of eight seasons with the Lakers, though that included 15 games in his final season and averaged a double-double in two of those seasons. By advanced metrics, he was an impact player during his time with the Lakers. He's the eighth career VORP in franchise history and actually ranks second in defensive box plus-minus. In fact, he ranks 21st in basketball history by this statistic.

15. Lamar Odom

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Odom's career was overshadowed by the Kardashians and substance abuse issues, but he was a great player who might have been a little ahead of his time. He was the third-ranked player on two championship teams and was once named Sixth Man of the Year. Odom is an excellent rebounder, and his contribution to the Lakers will not be forgotten by fans.

14. Gail Goodrich

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Goodrich played a few seasons with the Lakers, moved to Phoenix, and then returned with another player. Back in Los Angeles, he averaged 22 or more points four times. Goodrich was inducted into the Hall of Fame largely because of his time with the Lakers, where he averaged 21.6 points per 36 minutes. Lakers fans are probably glad his time with the Suns was short. willta chamberlain

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Look, Wilt Chamberlain is one of the greatest players of all time. He dominates the NBA. However, he only played five years with the Lakers, the final season of his career. He's still a beast now, averaging 19.2 rebounds against Los Angeles and a four-time All-Star. That said, it's not about career numbers. It's all about the Lakers legend, and Wilt on stilts is near the bottom of the list.

12.byron scott

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For example, Scott is not as good a player as Chamberlain, but he played 11 seasons with the Lakers. That included several trips to the playoffs, where he was outstanding and played on three championship teams. Scott ranks ninth on the franchise's all-time scoring list and ranks in the top 10 in multiple categories, largely due to his playing time with the Lakers.

11. Fern Mickelson

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We're going old school again for the long-term Minneapolis Lakers. Mickelson's career spanned from 1949 to 1959, but that was enough for him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He made six All-NBA teams and four All-NBA teams and was one of the greatest players of his era. He was also arguably the best player of all time and was known as "Fern".

10. AC Green

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Green is an NBA iron man, which has covered most of his career with the Lakers. While he didn't average many points per game, he had an offensive rating of 118 during his time in Los Angeles. In fact, for the second time in franchise history. Green also ranks second in offensive rebounds and eighth in total rebounds. He is synonymous with the Lakers, and the Lakers are synonymous with him.


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When Paul was traded to the Lakers, he revitalized the team. He was crucial to the team that won two titles after Shaq. Gasol was an All-Star in his first three seasons in Los Angeles and won some games during his tenure. Had he been with the team for a few more years, he would have been ranked slightly higher. However, we're talking about a future Hall of Famer. He just needs to retire first.

8.James Worthy

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Anyone who earns the nickname "Big Game James" is adored by the fans who support him. In this case, it's basically just Lakers fans, since Worthy has spent his entire career in the Los Angeles Hall of Fame. He was the fourth professional player in Los Angeles and was named Finals MVP in one of the team's wins. Great game James, indeed.

7.Elgin Baylor

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Frankly, Baylor has been overlooked in Lakers history. He's spent his entire franchise career and amassed points. Baylor averaged 27.4 points per game in his career, the most of any Laker player. Oh, and it's also the third time in NBA history. As we said, it was ignored. For many franchises, Baylor will be at the top of the list. It shows how deep the band is, but it's not.

6. Jerry McCann

Top 25 Los Angeles Lakers All-Time Players (20)

Zdjęcia NBAE/NBAE/Getty Images

If you asked basketball fans to name a player from the 1950s, they'd probably mention Mikan. He's been the quintessential player since the early days of the NBA. He played just six seasons, then a short seventh since retiring, but he was an All-NBA selection in each of those six seasons. Mikan led the league in scoring for the first three years of his career and was inducted into the Hall of Fame as early as 1959. During his time with the team, the Minneapolis Lakers won five championships, of which Mikan was the main reason.

5. Shaquille O'Neal

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Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Shaq has been outstanding throughout the league, but his best season was with the Lakers. When O'Neal entered the league, he changed the game with his size and strength. As the Lakers, he averaged 27.0 points and 11.8 rebounds per game, which is amazing. He inexplicably only won one MVP, but won the Finals MVP three times. As dominant as he was, you really couldn't put Shaq past fifth, given the turmoil that followed him and ultimately led to his departure for Miami. Also, we have points for the "Kazaam" stop.

4.jerry west

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We're talking about guys with NBA logos here! West ranks in the top three in nearly every category in Lakers history, including appearances and points per game. He averaged 30-plus points four times, ranks 25th in career assists and 31st in NBA history in career assists. As we all know, West did not win the championship for a long time, but he was once named the finals MVP after losing. This is respect.

3.kobe ​​bryant

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Don't hate us Kobe fans. Kobe was a true legend and iconic Lakers player of his era. However, this team didn't start and end with Kobe. Yes, he leads the team in games played, minutes played, points scored, field goal percentage and a million other stats. Hell, he ranks third in rebounds and second in assists. It's not without its flaws, all things considered. He can be selfish, and he's not the most effective player. There's no denying Kobe's greatness, and it's no easy feat to be the third greatest player in Lakers history, but we can't make him any higher.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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Kareem spent six years in Milwaukee, but he played so long that he also played 14 seasons in Los Angeles. It was with the Lakers that he and his skyhook became the all-time leading scorer in NBA history. He played in 13 All-Star games, won five titles and was named MVP. There's no denying Kareem's greatness. Had he spent his entire career in Los Angeles, or been more likable, he might have been No. 1.

1.magic johnson

Top 25 Los Angeles Lakers All-Time Players (25)

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Instead, that honor goes to Magic: The Gathering. Who else? Johnson is the most beloved Laker. As a 6-foot-9 quarterback, he revolutionized the game of basketball. He can play all five positions and has played center once in the playoffs. It's amazing. Magic averaging 11.2 assists per gameLarry BirdHelped revive the NBA. If you're talking about the top 25 players in NBA history, Magic Johnson is at the top of the list. He's at the top of the Lakers roster.

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