Teen Slang: Decoding Generation Z (2023)

As a parent, you've probably heard slang for your kids. They might say things like, "I'm excited about my IV today" or "Marizz. It secretes major BDEs. Maybe they'll say "No hats, this sandwich is good" or "Pour out the tea, sis! " and the like.

thisjargon our kids useEvery day is unintelligible to us, but these words do matter—some we may know, others we may understand from the context of the conversation.

There are also slang words spoken by children that we as parents may not be aware of. Some of these words were invented, abbreviated or spoken as acronyms. Some slang words are everyday words but have different meanings.

We have prepared a list of commonly used slang words to help parents understand their children and their friends better. This list is not exhaustive. Our team will add more words as we collect and slang trends emerge.

Teen Slang: Decoding Generation Z (1)

Note that slang words can vary widely by location, culture, and generation, and some may have different meanings or connotations depending on the context.


strengthen -excited

I amstrengthenFor tonight's concert!


Pei——boy or girl.

wait,Baeis calling me.

basic -Someone who has no originality and is only interested in popular popular things.

she is like thatbasicServed with her pumpkin latte.

BBG——An initial for girls that describes something or someone cute. It can also mean: You'd better go, which is a polite way to end a conversation.

i like that dress you are wearingbbg

noise reduction, I have football practice.

Brominated diphenyl ether——An acronym for big dick energy, someone who is safe and exudes confidence without arrogance.

I know he's going to get an internship - he has a specialtybrominated diphenyl ether

bet -Agree with something or use as affirmation or affirmation.

Person 1:Do you want to come to my house?

second person:bet

Boujee-Rich, rich, and stylish.

You've grown upboogiecountry club?

bus'Some things are really good.

this is a burritobus'! I will definitely come back here.


hat -lie or pretend.

I actually went to class today. Nohat.

cash -amazing or cool.

this new movie is like thatcash

shelves –Crazy for short.

I've been busy this week and that'soh my god


wet -Perfect and high quality.

yesterday's party waswet

Dapp -A greeting or admiration gesture made by two people with their hands, similar to a high five and a handshake.

sick!diammonium phosphateI get up!

Immersion -leave suddenly or early.

I'm goingto immerse.

DL-Acronym Meaning: Low profile, referring to activities or information to be kept private.

We've talked, but we're controlling itDLat present.

drugsomething unique or amazing.

this bike isdrug

pier -looking for andPosting someone's private information onlineUsually with malicious intent.

jennifer gets itpoisonedafter fighting someone duringonline game, now her address and phone number are oversocial media.

drop -Sophisticated or stylish look.

You havedropand those new shoes.

copy -The abbreviation of W, meaning win or winner.

we tookDubbing.


additional -Striking or dramatic.

I didn't invite her and she didn'tadditional.


fact -protocol.

Person 1:Social media is overrated.

second person:factsmall.

fade-Under the influence of marijuana.

You should have seen her last night, she wasweathering.

Fan Service - Adding elements to an entertaining song are subtle nods to hardcore fans, such as inside jokes that the rest of the audience can't understand. Also known as an Easter egg.

If you're a Marvel fan, you'll love this episode. it has a tonfan service.

WKT——Free for all, in a multiplayer video game all players must fend for themselves.

I wish we played in a band insteadfree fatty acid.

Fire -Astonishing or exciting.

this slide isfire

Flavored Air——e-cigarette.

always haveflavor air.

metallic line -To show off or brag about something.

he isbendingUse those kicks.

Fuck——Fuck my life, often used to end a negative story.

I missed the bus this morning, so I had to walk to school.FML.

France -An acronym that means: Really, agree with someone.

Person 1:Homework is too difficult.

second person:FR.

all in all--An acronym that means: To win. Enthusiastic emphasis expressing approval or support.

Just tried the best Thai restaurant ever. Mango sticky ricefree trade zone

magnificentugly or very ugly.

I can't believe I'm wearing this! That's itPooh.

hairy -People who like anthropomorphic animals (animals with human characteristics) or pretending to be animals.

He has a fur suit - he's legithairy.

five year Plan--It refers to TikTok's "Page for You," which features featured content and videos tailored to viewers.

minefive year PlanHe has the weirdest karma today.


take a shower -To break contact with someone without explanation.

we went on a date and he wentsuperiorityand.

GG-An acronym that stands for: Good Game, used to identify player skill at the end of a multiplayer video game.

GG! We should play it again sometime.

bring me to Life- Something or someone is exciting.

this warm weatherbring me to Life

become more beautiful--Significant change in a way that would normally be considered attractive.

she hasbecome more beautiful.She looks great!

goat-An acronym that means: Greatest Ever, to compliment someone on being the greatest.

he is my coachskin

Granola -Someone who is environmentally conscious and enjoys spending time outdoors.

You might run into her on your travels. she isgranola bar.

Gucci--Fancy, trendy or perfect.

Person 1:I'll pick you up after 10 o'clock.

second person:Gucci.


Lovely -Extremely drunk or drugged.

he is like thatwith a hammerWe had to take him to the emergency room.

heating -get angry or frustrated.

he understandsheatedWhen he thought I took his ball.

host-A better version, the whole package.

there is a new boyhome field

it's here -To be excited about something, to show support.

You are an amazing artist. I amit's here.

various blows- Something special, unique, or that evokes a strong emotional response that is hard to express.

my mother is cooking nowhit different.

hot shotStrongly expressed and often controversial views on current events or popular topics.

I watched a new superhero movie. The cast is great, but the plot is sketchy. this is minehot shotone day.

noise -Excitement or something is fine.

this song is like thisnoise


ice rice-An acronym that means: In case you missed it.

ice riceI'm going to Cal State this fall!

IYKYK——An acronym that means: If you know, you know. Indicates internal knowledge or shared experience among a group of people.

Ski trips are crazy!look.



KDA——The acronym means: Kills/Deaths/Assists, a breakdown of a player's in-game kills, deaths, and assists.

yourKDAHe's crazy in this game.

Crook -Alcohol and drugs mixed together to get drunk.

he understandsCrunchylast night.


L-Loser, loser.

he tooklarge.

landfill gas –An acronym that stands for Let's f**king go, excited about an upcoming event or competition.

Today I am cheering for my team.landfill gas

shine-Exciting, brilliant or intoxicating.

movie isluminescent

LMAO——Abbreviation meaning: Laugh to laugh means something is funny.

Remember when I fell down the stairs?LMAO

Learning Management System -An acronym that means: Like My Status, used in social media to ask viewers to like content.

learning management systemParticipate in the giveaway.

lots of laughterAn acronym that means: Laugh out loud when expressing your interest in something.

lots of laughterOn your ostrich video!


crazy -Really, very or crazy.

hiscrazyIt's hot outside.

middle -Average or not great.

this show ismiddle.

Monk -A man who gives oral sex to a woman.

I don't want to date him, he'sMonk.


Netflix I Calm –A euphemism for hooking.

I asked Ricky if he wantedcome on netflix, the popcorn is actually ready. Ha ha

liquified natural gas--An acronym that means: I will not lie by admitting something honestly and openly.

A lot of people don't like this movie, butthis, love it.


OMG -An acronym that means Oh my God/God means something shocking or surprising.

OMGI can't believe you just said that!

OML——An acronym meaning: O my lord, an exclamation of surprise or excitement.

oml, you scare me!

God——An acronym that means: On my way, a way of saying that someone is on their way.

God! I'll be there at 20:00.

Ong——About God, a way of expressing a firm agreement about something, similar to "I swear to God".

I just saw them kiss!Weng

on the flute-Perfectly done, yes, perfectly.

your makeup isin flake.

At this point -Perfect, that's all.

his attire isat this point.

In Ohio only - Used to mark strange or cursed things.

Why are there rats on the train?in ohio only.


press -You are annoyed or stressed about something.

why are you doing thispress

pull -Attract the attention of romantic interests.

i saw himpullThere are at least five girls at the party.

enable explosion -Embarrass someone publicly by denouncing or exposing them on social media.

he isigniteBreak up with her because of text.

Pwn-To have power over someone or something.

just this math testrobberyand!



Ladd -great or very good.

this point of view isradian.

ratchet -Someone who is out of control or cheesy.

I'm sick of itratchetThe girls are here.

read -To publicly point out someone's mistakes.

We don't see each other anymore, he's always beenreadand.

no rent -To be obsessed with someone or something, to live in someone's head.

What he said to me still haunts me to this dayno rent.

ritz -The ability to seduce or attract a potential love interest.

this boy has so muchRitz, He has been single since elementary school.

role playing game--What the acronym means: Role-playing game, a genre of games in which the player controls a character and explores an imaginary world.

she is really interestedrole playing game.


salty-Frustrated, resentful or annoyed.

he issaltyAfter losing, I asked him to exit.

cruel -A keen or brave person.

he iscruelon the pitch.

send it to me -Reply to a funny text and express the utmost amusedness.

lollll is a panda memesend it to me

shadow -Subtle contempt or disgust for someone.

did she just resignshadowI will handle it?

Boat -Supports a romantic relationship between two people.

i am totallyBoatTimothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner.

shake--Shocked or taken aback.

She really gets the job done. I amExcited

sick - cool or great.

Have you ever seen this fishing gear? it issick

Nevnyak -Someone who craves affection or a romantic relationship.

man, that's what you arechildish.

slap -amazing or perfect.

that songthe splash

kill-Do something exceptionally well.

Thaiwas killedYour dance recital!

The power of a small penis—Someone who is insecure but acts too confident to make amends.

I will never date him. He haspenis energy.

rest -Have casual sex or date someone.

I love this actor! i am totally willingresthis.

sad-Sexually explicit written content, such as romance novels or some fan fiction.

this book is justsmut.

Kidnapped-Perfect, alluring.

she is looking forkidnapat the ball.

Tricky link -Secret connection or relationship.

she is minesneaky linklast year.

so -An acronym that means: To shout out, to publicly express greeting, praise, or appreciation for someone. He's also known for being a significant other.

soSophie took this picture for me.

stan-A mixture of stalker and fan, a person who is infatuated with a person.

oncestanHe was terrible in middle school.

He defeated-very excited

I am like thatthey hit himHe invited me.

I -Suspicious, suspicious.

What are you hiding? you have been greatIrecently.This is due to the gamebetween us.

abnormal-Get out of the way to avoid someone.

Iturn aroundwhen i see my ex


Tea -Gossip about something.

Sarah would know, just ask her. she lovessprinkleTea.

TFW—— An acronym meaning: That Feeling, used to describe an emotionally charged experience.

TFWYou hug your hot chocolate and watch the snow fall outside.

Thirsty -Someone who is desperate or longs for attention, approval, or sex.

he followed meInstagram accountAnd instantly like all my posts. he is like thatthirsty.

Desire Trap——Sexually provocative photos, videos or comments posted on social media, usually to grab the attention of viewers.

All his posts arethirst trapVia Douyin.

Bag -Absolutely, utterly short for.

sheBoxIt is inappropriate to speak out.


I get the task -When someone crosses the line.

This is the best birthday ever! you absolutelyunderstand the task.


vanilla -Ordinary, boring and lacking in character.

I tried talking to him but he was like thatvanilla.

vibration -The feeling, the atmosphere.

I love you allvibration.

VSCO girl——(pronounced visco), a young, usually white girl who wears trendy clothes and posts edited photos on the VSCO app.

He's wearing an oversized t-shirt, Birks, and a giant Hydro Flask. he definitely wants to beVSCO girl.


W-Win, winner.

our team has takenW.

rak -An introvert, someone who avoids the spotlight and prefers to stay on the sidelines.

she has always beencoolDance at school.

woke up -Someone who understands important facts, race, and social injustice.

I used to not know what was going on around me, but now I amwoke up.




Teen Slang: Decoding Generation Z (2)

Parents can better support kids with slang

All children want the love and attention of their parents in real life, even if it doesn't always seem like it. When we take the time to understand the way our child speaks, it shows the child that we prioritize our relationships and communication.

Sometimes, we may use appropriate slang to make a child laugh. Do you use it correctly - kids will appreciate the effort. NGL, our teens may roll their eyes and say we're thirsty, but we all know deep down they think we're hot.

What's your experience with youth slang? Share your story in the comments!

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