How to straighten men's hair: the quick ways (2023)

learn to stand upmen's hairit is actually a common concern for many guys. Straight hair is often easier to manage, and for some people, straight curls suit their face better.

The good news is that you can straighten men's hair quickly and efficiently with the old-school methods. The bad news is that you have to buy several products that are normally used by women.

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How to straighten your hair

use of iron

with hair dryer

brazilian keratin

relax hair

honey and milk


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Rinse the celery juice

gel or oil

Why straighten your hair?

Some disadvantages of hair straightening


How to straighten your hair

Choose one of the techniques below. Please note that if you use a gel or product on your hair,It is a good idea to wash it well before applying.

use of iron

How to straighten men's hair: the quick ways (1)

The most obvious solution that is not always available to men. For flat irons to work, your hair must be long enough for the iron to catch.

Therefore, you may want to let your hair grow a bit longer before using this method. Also remember that straighteners have some drawbacks to be aware of.

For one, holding the iron on your hair for too long can cause damage, not to mention burning yourself, cutting your hair in a very uncomfortable spot. If you're not careful, the iron can also scorch your skin.

How to straighten men's hair: the quick ways (2)

Ideally, you should use the lowest setting on your iron when straightening your hair. Only turn the temperature up if it doesn't work, but most of the time the lower temperature would be perfect.

When using a straightener it is important that your hair is COMPLETELY dry. You may also want to use aheat protection serumto make sure your hair is not damaged by the procedure.

with hair dryer

If you are not a fan of straighteners, you can always do ituse a hair dryerto help with hair straightening. Make sure your hair is slightly damp from the shower before trying this technique.

Take your blow dryer and a comb and run them through small sections of hair while aiming the blow dryer. Be sure to smooth the hair completely so that it dries perfectly straight.

Keep in mind that hair dryers can also burn your scalp and skin, so try not to place them too close to you. Ideally, the dryer should be moved slightly to distribute the heat and prevent burning the scalp.

How to straighten men's hair: the quick ways (3)

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brazilian keratin

This is a hair straightening method that gives you straight locks in less than an hour of salon treatment. Use certain chemicalscan damage your hairif not used correctly.

The method can be quite expensive and you should know that the process is prohibited in some countries. Canada and the EU in particular do not allow the procedure in their salons due to the chemicals it contains.

So does this mean that Brazilian keratin has negative effects on your health? Not really, so far no drastic side effects have been associated with the procedure.

Note, however, that smoothing effects are not permanent. In most cases, you can expect your hair to stay that sleek, perfectly straight length for 6 to 8 weeks.

Watch the video below to learn more about this treatment:

relax hair

This is another salon-only method and works quite similarly to the Brazilian keratin method. You can probably equate relaxing your hair with a perm, which helps create curly hair.

Obviously, you have to spend some money to undergo this procedure. The good news is that the effects tend to last longer, while others might even argue that it is permanent.

In fact, hair relaxation must be done routinely to affect the hair roots. Basically, already "relaxed" strands of hair stay straight permanently, but new hair growth will come in waves if you have hair with natural curves.

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Note thatHair relaxation is harmful to your hair. You need to use a special shampoo and conditioner every day to repair hair after the relaxation procedure.

If you want to go back to having natural curly hair, you have cut the loose part and let the roots grow. Luckily for the guys, this shouldn't be a problem.

honey and milk

How to straighten men's hair: the quick ways (4)

That's ita popular home remedyand is said to help straighten hair. Just mix milk and honey together and create a paste that you can apply to your hair.

Leave it there for a few minutes while you do your chores. If you could grab a shower cap to restrict the concoction that would be so much better.

When you're done, rinse it off with lukewarm water. The only downside to this method is that you won't see results right away; you may want to wait around 3-4 weeks before you can see the actual straightening of the hair.

that's the good newsboth honey and milk are great for your hair. Even if your hair doesn't straighten, you can be sure that it will cleanse and strengthen your curls.

If you are not a big fan of this mixture, you can also try egg paste and olive oil, which can be applied in the same way. Again, results can take a long time to appear.


Sometimes you don't have to go to extremes to get that beautifully straight hair. Limiting your hair length to around 1-2 inches should give you the straight hair you want.

This is because longer hair is more likely to curl. Guys with big curls in their hair can easily get away with short straight ends with the right cut.

that's the good newsshort spiky hair is quite common among many men. You shouldn't have a problem finding a hairstylist or barber who can give you that particular cut.

How to straighten men's hair: the quick ways (5)

Rinse the celery juice

This one seems a bit iffy, but there are reports of how well it has worked for you. Basically, you just puree some celery juice and wash your hair with it.

How to straighten men's hair: the quick ways (6)

Let the juice sit on your hair and scalp for a few minutes, maybe even up to 30 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Try using a juicer instead of a blender for your celery rinse. That way, you don't have to worry about large chunks of celery meat getting caught between the strands.

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gel or oil

In the same way that you can use hair gel or hair oil to set the curls in your hair, these creams can also be used to straighten them. More specifically, this works for short hair that is about 1-2 inches long.

Just take whatever gel you have and start lathering it all over your hair. Use your fingers to comb your hair up for a "spiky" look.

How to straighten men's hair: the quick ways (7)

A man straightening his hair with some gel.

Leave the gel on and soon you'll have the illusion of straight hair. The beauty of this is that you can simply wash the gel off and go back to your old hairstyle whenever you want.

Why straighten hair?

Men often don't care about their hair, but there are those who prefer straight hair to one that falls in waves. That's not really surprising considering how many girls are also willing to trade in their curly locks for straight hair.

This is because straight hair is much more manageable. They are incredibly easy to style and look neater than the curly version.

Of course, some men find that straight hair doesn't go with their overall image. Be sure to ask a trusted stylist if the straight hair you want would really be a good idea based on your facial features.

How to straighten men's hair: the quick ways (8)

Some disadvantages of hair straightening

Of course, straight hair is not always a good thing. You may encounter some downsides when trying to straighten your hair.

At first it can be a waste of time to work on hair straightening. The process of turning straight hair into curly hair is usually easier and takes less time.

Using heated hair straighteners can also be a problem. Guys who aren't used to flat irons or blow dryers should practice before trying on their hair.

Also keep in mind that certain gels and oils can cause your hair to become damaged and weak. While split ends aren't a common problem for men, keep in mind that it can happen to you.

Hair lossis also another possibility. Curly hair appears more voluminous and therefore creates the illusion of thickness.

Men who straighten their hair are often surprised at how thin their hair looks after getting this straight, upright shape. You may feel like you're about to start losing your hair, but don't worry, because that might not be the case at all!


So is it worth learning how to straighten men's hair? Probably YES, you'll never know until you try it yourself.

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Although the process definitely has some downsides, don't let that stop you! Feel free to play around, experiment and find out how to straighten men's hair, just to see what it would look like!

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