How to Grow Your Reach Using LinkedIn Creator Mode (2023)


What is LinkedIn Creator Mode?

How to Enable Creator Mode on LinkedIn

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Creator Mode

Should I enable LinkedIn Creator mode?

LinkedIn Creator Mode FAQs

As a business-oriented social network, LinkedIn canLead marketers to 2x conversions.So it's no surprise that many professionals flock to this platform to be a part of strategy.

Because LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for professional and business accounts, many people use the platform as part of their personal branding efforts. LinkedIn Creator Mode can be of great help.

In this article, you'll learn what LinkedIn's Creator Mode is, how to enable it (or disable it if you prefer), the pros and cons of toggling the Creator Mode switch, and more.

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What is LinkedIn Creator Mode?

LinkedIn Creator Mode is a setting on your personal LinkedIn profile that gives you access to additional features.LinkedInCreator Mode says it "can help you expand your presence and influence on the platform".

Users who frequently create and share content on the platform can take advantage of Creator Mode and its additional features. Some of these features include:

  • Afollowreplace buttoncombinebutton
  • Eligibility as a Featured Creator
  • Ability to display topics you write about at the top of your profile
  • Link in bio used as call to action
  • Change the layout of the config file for demoawardIActivityfirst quarter
  • Access to LinkedIn Live, newsletters and analytics

These features are extremely helpful for professionals looking to make a greater impact with their LinkedIn content.

How to Enable Creator Mode on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Creator Mode is a specific setting that can be turned on or off in your profile settings. That means enabling Creator Mode doesn't have to be a permanent decision. If you decide not to spend too much time on LinkedIn, you can disable Creator Mode.

It's easy to use this mode. click startandAccess this drop-down menu in the top navigation bar:

Click an option tochecking data.scroll down until you reachresourceYour profile section.

Note: This section will not appear on your public profile. It's only visible to you.

clickcreator mode [leave]Visit for more information on this mode and how to enable it.

You'll see a popup with a small piece of information on what Creator Mode has to offer. It will also show you a quick preview of your profile with Creator Mode enabled.

clickNextGo to the next step. Alternatively, if you decide you are not interested, you can clickXIn the upper right corner.

From there, you can start using it right away and learn more about the new features you can use in Creator Mode.

first choose tofive themesWhat you often talk about on LinkedIn.

While you can add as many topics as you want (up to five), it's recommended to use all five to clearly describe what you're sharing. This can help your profile reach a wider audience by encouraging more users to follow or contact you.

You can also click on the four available creator tools (LinkedIn Live,sound event, newsletter, and follow links) to learn more about the features you have access to right now.

After completing this section, click theopen somethingEnter creator mode.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Creator Mode

Wondering if LinkedIn Creator mode is right for you? Here are five key benefits that using this setup can provide.

1. Increased range

Enabling Creator Mode can help you reach a wider audience with your LinkedIn content. LinkedIn claims that creator mode accounts are eligible for discovery, meaning creator accounts can serve as suggested followers.

Suggested creators are featured on Discover Hub. Users can access it by clicking a buttondiscover moreLinks at the bottom of the feed's left sidebar to share recently viewed pages, the groups they're in, and more.

If you enable Creator Mode, you can show up in this segment of your industry and introduce you and your content to a group of potential new fans.

Additional features and benefits that we’ll discuss in detail below also help expand your presence on the platform.

2. Detailed analysis

track yoursocial media analysisis key to understanding how your posts are performing and whether your target audience is engaging with your content. Detailed analysis in Creator Mode provides greater insight into this information.

Creator Analytics Covers Bothpost-merger analysisIaudience analysis.

Comprehensive post analytics show your content performance, including views and engagement, as well as your top posts, so you can see what your audience likes most.


Audience analytics give you insight into your fan growth rate and audience demographics, so you can ensure you're reaching the right people.


The data gained from these insights can help improve your LinkedIn strategy, resulting in more reach, more followers, and hopefully more conversions.

3. More personal information

Creator mode gives you access to a more detailed profile, which means more opportunities to share who you are and what you do.

In addition to topics you can add to your profile, creator mode also allows you to add a link to your website at the top of your profile. This helps interested followers better understand what you're up to at a glance. Plus, it helps you drive prospects and customers directly to your website or sales page.

Here is an example of your profile with topics and profile links:

Extensions let followers and contacts know who you are and what you do. This will increase the chances that they will want to follow and engage with your content.

4. Follower growth

becausecombineThe button is replaced withfollowbutton, you can generate more followers. Also, as a Creator Mode account, if someone decides to send a link request, they will automatically follow you - whether or not you accept the link request.

In creator mode, your follower number will also be displayed next to your connection number in your profile. Highlighting the number front and center provides the perfect piece of social proof for anyone who wants to emulate.

5. Access to additional functions

A final benefit - and a big one - is access to more features. Only users in creator mode can create LinkedIn newsletters, go live, host audio events, or embed follow buttons on your website and other pages.

These creator tools give you more ways to create content and grow your following. Use one or all of the other content types to expand your reach.

Should I enable LinkedIn Creator mode?

Is LinkedIn Creator Mode Right for You? Let's review some pros and cons to help you decide whether to enable Creator Mode.


  • Give potential followers a better idea of ​​who you are and what you do by adding five topics to your profile, a link to your website, and more.
  • Creator mode also lets you add a 30-second profile video that viewers can click and watch when they visit your profile, giving you more information about the type of content you share.
  • Grow your followers, not more connections. This means your content will appear on other channels without further disrupting your own channel.
  • Create your own LinkedIn newsletter to reach a dedicated group of subscribers with your own original content.
  • Organize live and audio events that allow you to reach your audience deeper and share more valuable content and information.
  • Use creator analytics to help you strategize and ensure your content reaches the right audience.


  • Followers supersede connection requests, so if you don't hit the 500+ connection threshold, your profile may look poor.
  • If you're not consistently creating content and engaging with other LinkedIn users, you won't be able to fully enjoy the benefits of Creator Mode.
  • yourEuropeThe section is moved down to make roomawardIActivity.A profile with low activity looks less interesting to potential followers.
  • You may need to spend more time on your LinkedIn strategy and creating shareable content. If you don't have that time, Creator Mode probably isn't worth it.

LinkedIn Creator Mode FAQs

What does Creator Mode on LinkedIn do?

Creator Mode gives users more features, more detailed profile information, and the ability to reach a wider audience on LinkedIn.

Do LinkedIn creators get paid?

LinkedIn creators don't get paid from LinkedIn, but they do make money through deals with brands. Compensation for influencers on LinkedIn will vary based on their contracts with brands.

Is LinkedIn Creator Mode free?

Yes, enabling LinkedIn Creator Mode is completely free.

Is Creator Mode Worth It On LinkedIn?

It all depends. Creator mode isn’t a magical setting for getting your content out to the masses—especially if you don’t post very often. But if you're an avid LinkedIn creator, this setting can be very helpful for those interested in following you, helping you gain a clearer picture of who and what you do, and helping you reach more users.

What does it mean to be a LinkedIn creator?

LinkedIn creators are essentially people who create and share public posts that contain educational tips that are valuable to their audience. While these often come in the form of LinkedIn posts, creators can also leverage LinkedIn Pulse articles to create long-form content.

What's the difference between Creator Mode and Public Mode on LinkedIn?

A public profile is a profile that anyone online can see, even if they're not logged into LinkedIn or connected to you. Creator Mode is a profile-specific mode that offers more features and coverage. Both are optional - users can choose private or public profiles, but cannot use creator mode. It all depends on how comfortable you are on the platform.

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