Bypass LinkedIn connection limit - how many invites you can send per day, per week (2023)

LinkedIn recently discovered spam activity and a flood of requests -- so many that the so-calledConnect with LinkedInLimitations are introduced. If you've been at the top of your information game, this could be a threat to your lead pump. Some hacks in this article will help you solve this problemConnect with LinkedInLimit without harming your account.

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Here's what LinkedIn sayswebsite, this limit of 100 calls per week will allow users to have a more meaningful experience and avoid annoying, spammy encounters.

BTW, before this update there was no limit to the number of requests that could be made, but now the maximum has been set to100 requests per week.

However, if you play your cards right (and I'll show you how!), you can instantly get back to your usual connection counts and acceptance rates, and even end up with a better, more professional, higher quality account than before (this ultimately leads to more conversions).


New Limits: Learn more about LinkedIn connection limits

Ways to Overcome LinkedIn Connection Limitations

What else determines the number of limits?

How to Avoid LinkedIn Restricting Your Activities


New Limits: Learn more about LinkedIn connection limits

According to the last change, you can broadcast100 connection requests per week. Not only that, but LinkedIn has set boundaries for what it considers "spam campaigns" or campaigns that could be exploited to take advantage of the algorithm.

Before the limit was set, you could send inquiries and connect to over 100 leads per day, making the limit even more detrimental to your growth.

According to some, while this may seem like a huge hindrance, LinkedIn's connection limits and activity monitoring are actually meant to improve the LinkedIn experience, remove spam, and prevent scams, bots, and spam.

but you know there's another side to this story

However, when it comes to sales, everyoneyour minute is precious, such restrictions are often a barrier to healthy lead influx. we discourage pumpinggroup message, but with the right attitude and healthy coverage, an unlimited number of connection requests can save the most precious resource — your time. In fact, the more leads you can connect, the better your chances of connecting more. All of this is possible with sophisticated, personalized messaging! That's why sales gurus around the world are exploring different avenues and easy holes to fall into to keep the unstoppable flow of LinkedIn leads flowing.

By the way, if you want to meet on a journey to help you create unique, personalized and highly converting messages, check out our previousarticle.

Now let’s move on to some strategies you can use to bypass LinkedIn connection limits and increase your weekly connections.(Time to work smart, not hard!).

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Ways to Overcome LinkedIn Connection Limitations

All the methods presented below have been tried by ourselves, so can speak. We have done our best to give a comprehensive and quick overview of each method. They're all worth checking out (with a few exceptions).

Breaking LinkedIn Connection Limits: Method #1 Using People's Emails to Send Invitations

This is probably one of the easiest ways to break your LinkedIn connection limit. It doesn't require anything from you except a small amount of effort. You can do this manually by hovering over LinkedIn > Contacts > Add New Contact and clicking Upload File.

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This is where you should put the CSV file with the emails of the people you want to contact. LinkedIn will find outThe account associated with the email address providedand send them an invitation to connect. There is now an option to customize the connection message, so you'll have to rely on what LinkedIn provides, and it's really as simple as "I want to invite you to my network".

Want a complete guide on all the ways to break your LinkedIn connection limits? here you go:

How To Legally Make Up To 1000 Calls A Week - Free Guide

  • Pros: You can make up to 1,000 calls per week this way (it depends on a lot of factors, but more than that is impossible, we've tried), it's free, and it's super easy.You can automate and scale it up in Closely.
  • Cons: Can't personalize connection messages, may affect your acceptance rate.

Would we recommend it? Absolutely. Also, if you goclose hq.comAnd create an account to drastically increase your conversion rate, you will find that there is a way to automate the whole process. Imagine lying on fresh grass, sipping a cold juice, and enjoying life while the tool does it all for you, really. Your only problem is to provide your email file, even if you don't,close-up of explorerIt will allow you to buy email for cheaper than anywhere, and then automatically send out all invitations to connect (take care of your account so nothing happens to you).

Closely Explorer is our business contact database containing 1.43 million new contact records worldwide. You can redeem them with your credits and enjoy productive, easy LinkedIn coverage. No more ridiculously expensive free tools with features that no one really needs (except for their price guides).try todayFree and watch your sales soar.

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A quick guide on how to overcome this LinkedIn connection limitation using Closely Explorer

We can briefly walk you through how to automate this feature in Closely, so you now know - here's a neat way to bypass LinkedIn connection restrictions and get a ton of leads with no hassle.

First, go to Explorer and enter your input.

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For example, you want to find sellers in the UK. Enter this data into the required fields and press Search. You've justSave search results to CSV fileAnd move to automation.

Bypass LinkedIn connection limit - how many invites you can send per day, per week (6)

Now comes the fun part.

Bypass LinkedIn connection limit - how many invites you can send per day, per week (7)

When creating an event in Closely select the event type "Invite by email" and place the file containing the downloaded email in the required field here.

Bypass LinkedIn connection limit - how many invites you can send per day, per week (8)

Once done, you will be prompted for a field to put your message in.

Since this is an email invitation campaign, the link message here will auto-populate the link message created by LinkedIn.

Unlike other basic automation tools, this amazing AI-powered automation monster (Closely) will allow you to create stunning, eye-catching messages using built-in templates and variables. Once your campaign is ready and you click Go, it will send a link request to everyone on LinkedIn from your CSV file. It will find the account associated with the email in the file and do all the work for you.

this is so farThe easiest and most efficient wayOvercome our known LinkedIn connection limitations (and often used for our prospecting campaigns).

Overcome LinkedIn Connection Limits: Method #2 Try InMails

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mailis an advanced feature of LinkedIn that we believe is expensive and not worth the effort.

Yes, of course, we encourage sellers to try all possible ways to work around the current LinkedIn connection limitations. For many, however, this is irreversible.

This feature allows you to send messages to people you don't have a connection with on LinkedIn.

How much does InMail cost?

it depends on yourplan.

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If you have a premium plan, you can visit the subscription page and see how many points you have. If you've run out of points and need more, you canAdditional purchases.

  • Pros: Allows you to directly message others without restrictions
  • Cons: It's expensive and spammy. People don't like direct messages in their inboxes, especially those that arrive immediately. Even if you don't advertise your product in the first message, it seems weird and suspicious that someone wants to chat without first sending a connection request, right?

further reading:LinkedIn InMail and Messaging

Anyway, this is one of the existing methods and it works for some people. Of course, you can apply it and measure your results.

Breaking LinkedIn Connection Limits: Method #3 from People Sharing Groups and Events

There are fewer people now, but you canSend messages to people in shared groups or events without requiring them to connect ahead of time.

It's easy: just go to any group > Members > View All.

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You see, you can send messages to any of them even when you're not connected.

  • Pros: It's free. Unlimited (but be careful, too many actions in a row will make LinkedIn suspicious).
  • Cons: Manual, cumbersome process that can eat up all your time. There is no way to automate this (yet).

Breaking LinkedIn Connection Limits: Method #4 Multiple Accounts

There is always an option called "Create Multiple Accounts". As you can probably guess, things are not that simple. First, in some cases LinkedIn may detect your activity from a different account. Second, newly created accounts get banned much faster. So before you start reaping the benefits, you need to first calculate how much time you will spend warming up all your new accounts.

Bypass LinkedIn connection limit - how many invites you can send per day, per week (13)

In our experience, if the regular 100 phone calls + email invites work just fine without jeopardizing your account and making you jittery, there's really no reason for you to switch to this method.

So, moving on to the pros and cons of this approach, we'll come to the following conclusions:

  • Pros: It's free.
  • Disadvantages: very tiring, low efficiency. LinkedIn is very strict with bots, and it takes a long time to warm up a new account so it's ready to join the search workflow.

What else determines the number of limits?

Another thing to keep in mind when dealing with LinkedIn's current connection limits is that LinkedIn itself may limit your account due to various factors, and vice versa, may grant it additional reservation requests for monthly use.

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Of course the age and activity of your account is always taken into account, which means that a newly created bot-like account will certainly not be able to send more than 100, while a well-established profile may appear to trust LinkedIn more, and so buy more a little. Listed below are a few steps you should take to ensure your account meets all criteria and better fits the system's algorithm.

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to be eligible for LinkedIn connection limits

Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation for all your search activity. To maximize your chances of sending more connection requests and overcoming LinkedIn connection restrictions, you need to work on your profile and make it look professional, attractive and shiny.

This is your chance to take your account to the next level – both visually (making it seem thoughtful and complete) and numerically.

Bypass LinkedIn connection limit - how many invites you can send per day, per week (15)

That's it:

  • Add a professional avatar;
  • Set a unique and professional background image;
  • write an effective summary;
  • Add a powerful, memorable tagline with keywords;
  • Include your qualifications and previous work experience;
  • add information about your education;
  • Mention relevant skills;
  • Include your awards and achievements;
  • Add licenses and certificates;
  • Optionally add volunteer experience if available;
  • Earn money and seek advice. You can ask your contacts to write testimonials for you -- basically comments that show appreciation for your work. They can really make your profile stand out and make it more likely that people will connect and interact with you;
  • Get skill recognition. This is another great way to make your profile a more attractive option for future clients.

Great, now your profile is ready to go. You're one step closer to increasing your connections and exceeding your LinkedIn connection limit.

Funding your account in the manner described will also help increase the number of calls you receive, allowing you to achieve more leads and marketing goals, not to mention increasing your response rate.

2. Account preheating

To exceed your connection limit and prevent account restrictions or bans, you must first warm up your account. This means starting with the number of connections and requests and slowly increasing them. By automating the entire process, Closely does it all for you.

3. Usagesales navigator

sales navigatoryesPremium on LinkedInProgram, with advanced features for reach, campaign management, lead generation, and more. A must for sales managers.

This is a paid plan and you can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. It's expensive, but has sophistication and a wealth of tools (when used properly).

As a brief introduction to SalesNav, here's what you need to know before you start ensuring optimal attendance:

  • Clearly understand what each filter does. Smart application of filters is great for hyper-targeting audiences.
  • familiarAdvanced Search.features are by far the most talked about, and for good reason. It lets you narrow down your target group and connect with perfectly matched prospects.
  • Organize leads by tagging them. Respond to their needs faster by streamlining the sales process with LinkedIn tags.

4. Emphasize your SSI

LinkedIn has a cool metric calledSocial Selling Index.It shows how you can effectively use insights, connect with the right people and build high-quality relationships. SSI can amplify your impact and move your event forward.

It measures:

  • How you build your professional brand: Engage with your audience, create valuable content and engage with insights.
  • If you're good at relationship building: Network extensively and make high-quality, meaningful connections in your industry.
  • If you manage to find the right one: use the aboveAdvanced SearchFilters in SalesNav (or any other tool that suits your needs), specify leads. While you do, stay tuned for new insights and opportunities to share them with your community - more engagement equals higher SSI!

By the way, Maria checked all the listed points one by oneMovie.Spend an hour watching it all - it's worth it.

How to Avoid LinkedIn Restricting Your Activities

Bypass LinkedIn connection limit - how many invites you can send per day, per week (16)

If your activity falls into the "suspicious" category (significant increase in connection requests, frequent and excessive interaction with content, and other bot and spam activity), your account will be closely monitored for common usage activity and the number of requests and connections will be Get broken and at worst you'll get banned.

If you continue activity that LinkedIn deems suspicious, your request limit will be reduced, as will the space between your current limit and further limits.

What can be done to prevent these restrictions and how do I recover my account after they apply?

To avoid being flagged as "spam" on LinkedIn, you need to slowly increase the number of daily connection requests rather than flooding them from day one.Increase requests and activity over timeIf your account is new or about to be lifted, try to keep your activity relatively low.

Well, use a tool likeExactlyYou can leave that part of the job to the tool and take all the worries away. It closely mimics what people do at your event, and uses a warm-up feature to gradually increase the number of messages sent to keep your account safe, something few tools can boast.

Try Closely for Free - Enjoy a Plenty of Lead Influx

if you finishLinkedIn Blacklist, preferably matching the number of new requests sent with the number of calls accepted in the previous batch. This will build your account's "reputation" and free you from the LinkedIn routine.

Once you're back on the good list, you can safely start your campaign and start sending more requests.

It's also safest to keep this number within a reasonable range - around 20 requests per day is recommended (to start, then you can build up to it). Track your observations while keeping an eye on the quality of your coverage.


LinkedIn enforces a weekly request limit of approximately 100. With stricter business regulations and monitoring, LinkedIn marketers fear account bans and further restrictions that could hurt growth and earnings.

This article describes several ways to avoid request throttling, including solutions that can also increase overall sales and acceptance rates, make your account look more professional, be more attractive to potential clients, and make your profile more popular Favored by the LinkedIn algorithm.

The key is to take full advantage of the tools available, gradually increase activity and connections, and focus on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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