Bocchi La Roca!- Season 1 episode 2 "See Tomorrow" summary and evaluation (2023)

See you tomorrow

Episode 2 of Bocchi The Rock begins with Hitori (Bocchi) taking a cold shower to eliminate its stress.We handle the transition several days before this incident, where he arrives at the star club to talk to Nijika and Ryo about Kesseku's future.

Bocchi has died, because he doesn't want to cause a scene.Ryo and Nijika arrive and see Hitori's strange behavior.They come to start their first meeting in the home.

Hitori confirms that he attends Shuka High.She goes to school because it is a place where no one would know about her past.Hitori says he has no good memories to contribute to his discussion, but Nijika tells him not to worry about that.He says.He does not have many friends other than Nijika.Bocchi grows like Ryo, since it shows similar introverts than her.

Nijika says that Ryo likes to support urban exploitation and visit second -hand clothing stores.The last feeling makes Bocchi change his opinions about Ryo, because he understands that the gap between them is too far.Girls change songs and discuss their favorite music.Nijika reveals that he likes Japanese punk music.He admits that he likes Techno Kayo and listens to the artists of Saudi Arabia from time to time.

Bocchi likes songs that don't unleash his "Sixhun Complex."The guitar comes and explains what songs violate the Hitori complex.The songs in question are optimistic songs with a brightness coating that include irrelevant words and songs for their personal school experience.Guitarist confirms that Bocchi likes bands that write about the desolation of their high school experiences.

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However, when he discovers the popularity of these bands in high school, this moves away from their music.After some humorous jokes, they change to discuss the programs.Remember to have had a vocalist in advance, but left the band for revealed reasons..

Bocchi wonders if the former Kessaku guitarist has social anxiety along with hers.Bocchi asks Ryo if he could play the role of a vocalist, but Ryo argues that his talent would overload the band and crush her.And make Ryo write the song and for Bocchi to provide the lyrics.

The next discussion revolves around the fees. Nijika explains in detail Bocchi. She says that the program that acted in Starry was a "programmed program", which takes place when the club assigns them a quota of tickets with the hope thatenough people appear in the event. Everything that is sold above the ticket share is divided between the club and the band.

However, if they can't bring enough people to meet this fee, the band will have to pay the rest of their pockets.That is why being popular is an integral objective for many bands.However, the last presentation brought enough people to fulfill their quota, Nijika predicts that fewer people appear due to how terrible things were with this concert.

To raise money for the next show, Nijika suggests that everyone finds jobs to cover the fee and equipment.Hitori is worried.She gives Nijika a Piggy Banco and begs her not to work.Working with them at Starry Club.Offer, despite your concerns.Nijika promises to take care of money because Ryo is terrible to manage money.

Ryo comes from a rich family, always receives huge subsidies and passes them in instruments to the point that he is constantly broken.They send Bocchi home and tell him to prepare for their first day at work.Your ice bath.To help her cool so she can lose your job.


When the plan fails, she practices the guitar in front of her fan in Max Power.From the morning, Bocchi arrives at the star club, after her plan to get sick has failed miserably.Before I can enter, a girl with yellow hair says Bocchi to return later, because tickets are not for sale for now.As a state, Bocchi explains that it is a new match that seeks to work in the star club with Ryo and Nijika.

The woman reveals that she is the manager of Starry Club.She recognizes Bocchi as the guitarist of the band Kesseku, who played inside a cardboard box.It gives Bocchi a strange name, Nijika and Ryo annoying when they arrive.The manager is also his sister..However, Nijika's sister asks Nijika to keep her work and private relationships.

While Ryo Barre, Nijika shows Bocchi the stand of the drink and explains where all the drinks are.OPRESSED, Bocchi takes a guitar and plans to play a song to remember everything.Although Nijika calms Bocchi, her sister realizes how Bocchi realizes how Bocchi realizes.Play and Sound.She kisses Nijika's head and tells her to start working.

Nijika explains Bocchi's drink service routine and how it is done as a restaurant.Bocchi is proud of his effort, but he is afraid when Nijika points to his attention to some new clients.We have a montage of Nijika and Bocchi that work at the service station at the service station while Ryo works at the box office.Bocchi does not give the client's eye and gives them their drinks while bending down.

This irritates Nijika, but she leaves it.After serving a client, she tells Bocchi that the Alexandism Band of Children is playing at Starry Club.Nijika that his sister took the box office to allow Ryo to see the action of Alejandro.

Nijika argues how much loves the star club and the clients that stop.Bocchi apologizes for her boring effort, but Nijika calm.He wants Bocchi to love the club and have fun working here.However, Nijika expects Bocchi to find value to talk to talk for customers one day.As Alexandism performs, Bocchi is impressed by everyone's harmonious energy.

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It is upset because customers paid 2,000 yen to see their low performance.She promises to change for the good of her bandmates.A client asks for orange juice and Bocchi takes the initiative to make their drink.While making visual contact.Nijika praises Bocchi for her effort and says she takes a step forward.Bocchi part.

In Starry Club, Ryo and Nijika argue how proud of Bocchi's actions.Now they found stable jobs, they must find a singer.The episode ends with Kita singing in a karaoke room with her friends.

Episode review

This episode of Bocchi, Rock, carries weight and wonderful messages.You have a surprising characterization for our secondary protagonists and an excellent progression from the character to Bocchi.This chapter clarifies the music industry, offering some educational value for those who do not know how they operate and operate and operate why popularity plays an important role in maintaining a healthy musical career.

As someone who was not so interested in the music industry, it was exciting to learn more about how the business works.Seeing our girls arguing appointments and school life seemed naturally intriguing.Many will appreciate the decision of the team to give each girl some time to shine in addition to Bocchi.That does not mean that Bocchi is an obstacle, but it is great to receive more basic information about the characters of Ryo and Nijika.

Bocchi's anxious behavior may seem too much.Although it makes sense, given her situation, the anime could tone her gestures a bit.However, it was exciting to see Bocchi face her fears in front of her after receiving an incentive of her friends, Alejandro and others.This gives fans the hope that the program will continue to take Bocchi along a fair path.

In general, this was a phenomenal and charming episode of Bocchi The Rock.The given characters are evolving at a solid pace.The conclusions of this episode seem to provoke Kita, the new band singer based on her curious behavior in episode one, it will be fascinating to see how Bocchi's narrative and character will affect after her correct introduction.Hopefully this anime continues to balance our souls.

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