Aftermarket SLI Battery Industry Size | Global Analysis - 2032 (2023)

SLI Battery Aftermarket Analysis

The SLI battery aftermarket market size was valued at USD 28.5 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 2.5% from 2023 to 2032. An increasing number of vehicles on the road, including cars, commercial vehicles andSUV, increasing the demand for SLI batteries, which in turn increases the need for replacement batteries, which increases the aftermarket channel.

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The increasing number of aging fleets with failed batteries will drive the demand for replacement batteries, which in turn will rapidly accelerate the growth of the SLI battery aftermarket. Additionally, advancements in SLI battery technology such as better battery performance, longer life, and increased reliability are increasing the aftermarket demand for SLI batteries. Consumers are looking for advanced battery solutions to optimize the performance of their vehicles and ensure reliable startup and operation.

The presence of well-established distribution channels in the aftermarket, including retail stores, e-commerce platforms, and professional automotive service providers, contributes to business growth. These channels allow consumers to easily obtain replacement batteries, which in turn complements the global service deployment.

Scope of the SLI Battery Aftermarket Report
report scopedetail
Base year:2022
Market size in 2022:28,9 ml USD
Forecast period:2023 do 2032
Forecast period 2023-2032 CAGR:2,5%
Value forecast in 2032:37.7 ml USD
historical data:2019 do 2022
Tables, graphs and figures:276
Market segments covered:technology
Growth Factors:
  • The auto industry continues to expand
  • Increased investment in R&D projects in the automotive industry
  • Battery technology continues to advance
Pitfalls and challenges:
  • strict government regulations

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The aftermarket SLI battery refers to the aftermarket replacement battery used in the vehicle to start the engine, power the lighting system, and provide electricity for the ignition. SLI batteries are commonly found in conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles. These aftermarket batteries are designed for specific vehicle models and meet the specifications required for engine starting, powering the vehicle's lighting system and ignition assist. The aftermarket includes various retailers, automotive service providers, and e-commerce platforms that specialize in selling SLI batteries in the aftermarket. Availability of many after-sales service providers and their continuous cooperation with battery manufacturers will drive business expansion.

Impact of COVID-19 on the SLI Battery Aftermarket

The global economy has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that started in late 2019. Starting in China, the virus spread rapidly around the world, disrupting supply chains across industries. The auto industry has been particularly affected, with global demand for new vehicles plummeting. Demand for SLI batteries in the transportation sector has increased, driven by increased utility and hospital logistical demands during the pandemic. As lockdown protocols are gradually lifted around the world and various pharmaceutical companies roll out vaccines,SLI battery marketSteady growth starting in early 2021.

Moreover, the battery industry is expected to witness significant growth over the next few years as automotive demand is expected to increase significantly in the near future. This positive trend is due to the recovery of the global economy and growing demand for transportation solutions.

SLI Battery Aftermarket Trends

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The aftermarket for SLI batteries has seen significant growth in recent years due to population growth and increased demand from the automotive industry. The market is moving towards advanced battery technologies due to improvements in performance and durability such as AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries). The rise of e-commerce platforms and online retail channels has provided consumers with more convenience and choices in purchasing SLI batteries. Online platforms offering a wide range of batteries, competitive prices, and home delivery services are driving the growth of the online aftermarket.

Additionally, governments and regulators are implementing stricter environmental laws to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development. This has led to increased focus on green battery technology and recycling of used batteries in the aftermarket, thereby accelerating market expansion.

Segmentation of SLI battery technology in the aftermarket

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The flooded battery market will be worth more than $21 billion by 2022. High cost-effectiveness, high power output, and easy availability are some of the major factors driving the demand for flooded batteries globally. Flooded SLI batteries perform well over a wide temperature range, making them suitable for both hot and cold climates. In addition, flooded SLI batteries have been widely used in automotive applications for many years and are mature, readily available and supported by the market.

Moreover, advancements in battery technology have led to the development of alternatives such as sealed maintenance-free batteries and lithium-ion batteries, which offer various advantages in specific applications, thereby posing a serious threat to the flooding growth of SLI battery technology in the market.

SLI Battery Regional Aftermarket Analysis

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The SLI battery aftermarket in Europe will see significant growth in 2022 and be worth more than $9 billion. This growth was mainly driven by the growing automotive industry, with a significant increase in vehicle sales. The average age of European fleets is increasing, adding to the business stats. Europe has implemented strict emission regulations to reduce carbon footprint and improve air quality.

Moreover, growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness in Europe will further drive service penetration. Consumers and governments are pushing for greener solutions that support regional demand by adopting advanced battery technologies, including improved SLI batteries, improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

SLI battery aftermarket leader

The market has a huge growth potential due to the advent of economical, compact and efficient units and the increasing average age of the fleet. Major battery manufacturers work with numerous distributors and third-party suppliers to provide battery technology to the automotive industry. Key players in the global market include MOLL Batterien GmbH, East Penn Manufacturing Company, Continental Battery Systems, Hankook & Company Co., Ltd., Accumulators Moura SA, Clarios, ACDelco, Enersys, GS Yuasa International Ltd., Banner Batteries, Amara Raja Group, FIAMM Energy Technology S.p.A, Exide Technologies, Interstate Batteries, leoch International Technology Limited Inc. and Crown Batteries.

Aftermarket SLI battery news:

  • In August 2021, Exide Industries Ltd. launched a new door-to-door battery delivery service in India. Batmobile Doorstep Service will be engaged in the supply of inverters and battery systems in Kolkata, West Bengal. The service can be selected via text message on the company's portal. The launch of this new service is part of the company's strategy to expand its presence in India and provide convenient and hassle-free products to customers, which in turn will increase the company's customer base in India.
  • In July 2022, Enersys announced the opening of a new distribution center as an extension of its Richmond, Kentucky distribution center. The new 195,000-square-foot center will help the company provide fast and reliable service to customers throughout Kentucky, taking advantage of faster order fulfillment and improved delivery capabilities. The new distribution center will create more jobs across the country, thereby increasing the company's social responsibility in the years to come.

This SLI Battery Aftermarket research report offers in-depth coverage of the industryEstimates and forecasts in millions of units and US$ million from 2019 to 2032, for the following market segments:

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by technology

  • to submerge
  • EFB
  • VRLA

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