60 cheeky British slang words and phrases (2023)

60 cheeky British slang words and phrases (1)

It's no secret that the world is fascinated by the British people and British culture. The coronation of King Charles III speaks volumes for this factmost concernedThe 2023 TV event has indeed been a very British delight so far.

Whether you're on Harry and Meghan's team, fully support the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or just really like Harry Potter), it's safe to assume you've influenced your British accent once or twice, or even thrown A few British slang words and phrases to add to your English learning toolkit. If you think it's a bit silly to say "bloody" all the time, I want to add some fuel to you in the long runbritish slangPhrases, here's a great list of slang words in alphabetical order.



  1. from A做E
  2. F does K
  3. L does P
  4. ask you
  5. V does Z

from A做E


as- A synonym for amazing, ace is also British slang for someone who is good at something. "Andy Murray is the ace of tennis."

butt- SomebuttIt can refer to a person's literal ass, or it can be used to describe a stupid person whose behavior is obnoxious.



facet"It's common in the UK, it's also common in New Zealand and Australia. It's easyalternativeRefers to a guy, dude or guy.

nonsense Often used in pop culture, but best not around grandmothers, as it's another way of referring to the testicles. "Lots of crap" means something is not true, and "talking nonsense" is another way of saying "lying".

outstanding' This is what the British have always useddescribegreat stuff. Think of it as the British obsession with "fantastic" or "cool."

fuck everything"Senseless British slang like 'I've got all my work done this week' or 'There's a lot to eat in the pantry'."


shameless— If someone is described asshameless, which means you can see their dry sense of humor. Also known as a smart person or someone who doesn't take things seriously.

Cherio— This isn’t unique to British grain; rather, it means goodbye.

Delightedthat british slangwordto express pleasure in something. For example, "Fans are delighted that England achieved such a great result at the last World Cup."


fatal' Another way of saying 'very'. For example, "This patty is delicious."

clever"Remember how Hugh Grant searched for his love in the 'dirty end' of a London borough in Love Actually?" The word describes a place, person or experience, somewhat sketchily and even dangerously.


ejit- a story about howspeak irishThe word idiot. However, the meaning is the same.

Finish— British slang for the city or part of the region you come from.


F does K


cigarette"While this is very offensive in the US, in the UK it just refers to cigarettes."

fit— Slang for sexy or glamorous.


Full of life— Indicates that someone is full of vigor and vitality.


elder"Slang for a professional boss.

fat— People who talk too much or are too stubborn. This can be used passively.

grass up— Nag someone to the police or other authorities.


eat the ceiling- Also known as a tantrum. "The toddler has a ceiling because he's never getting candy again."

course horse— which means that all people have different preferences, so what works for one may not work for another.


i came here very strangeSaid the man who fell ill suddenly.

innovation- An abbreviated way of saying "not you". "That's weird, how did I become so weird?"


Can- A pint of beer.

joke— Another way of saying funny or amusing.


Completed"Tired slang."

on the knee"It's slang for the livingImprezaThis usually involves loud music and other tricks.

knob"Common slang that has two meanings." Sometimes it's a derogatory term for a nasty person, and sometimes it's a substitute for a penis.


L does P


nest— When a person is very loud or disruptive, they are defined as an outsider.

bathroom"Loo means toilet in British.



cast- rich. "The heiress is fine, man."

Mittens- hand. "I'd like to buy a mitt for a hot bun and a cup of tea."


Nuff— Used to describe something that looks cheap or low-quality.

incision"If someone steals, they steal.


chance and jerk- British version of "bits and pieces", as in "Vase break into pieces". strengthreturnMeans "course and end".

on the eyelashes- Drink too much alcohol.


bit by bit- Another way to say goodbye to someone. "We gotta go, beep beep!"

pig ear- A way to describe when something went wrong. "I had a lot of crap in my car and I made a pig's ear out of it."

Pronk— a stupid or irritating person.

pork- Example of London rhyming slang: A pork pie is a lie. It's not good to talk to pigs.


ask you


Queenie- Nickname of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

queue- Line or alignment. For example, "It's time to line up for Wimbledon tickets" or "We need to line up for Center Court".


GBP"One pound, as a unit of currency.


Langa— Used to describe someone or something that smells or tastes bad or unpleasant.

I see- Another way of saying rugby.


watch people talk about dogs— A way of saying you're going to the bathroom or some other place where you don't want a lot of fanfare.

hairy- While it can refer to intercourse, it can also mean that someone is very tired.

cut"People who go to cut themselves piss. While that would solve the problem, it's not the most polite way to say it.

beautiful- Dokisssomeone. Usually not in the most romantic of ways, however.


control"It could mean several things, but they're all related. Peeing could mean you're not taking something seriously, like messing around at a basketball game. Or saying you're mad at something or someone could mean you're Make fun of them or make fun of them." His friends made fun of him. "

Tanner- ABank note is 10 pounds.

fool- An annoying person.


uncle ned- Floor.

the basket— The way a person says they feel stressed, such as when a term paper is approaching.


V does Z


from the valley"Walshman, there are many valleys there.

wine- cheap alcohol.



Faint— A very common slur used to describe someone who is annoying or unpleasant, but it can also apply to masturbators. This is considered quite vulgar.

good at"If someone is 'good at', they're in trouble.


additional- very good.


Yonkers- long. If you haven't seen the yonks guys, it's been a while.


pedestrian crossing— Pedestrian crossings with black and white stripes on the road.

now this is important

Today, naff means something that looks cheap or tacky, but in the 1960sEncodingLet gay people identify someone as straight. Since homosexuality was illegal at the time, this and other words helped them stay out of trouble.


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