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12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (1)

There are many great songwriting tools out there that make songwriting easier. They can be a great way to help you be creative and provide some help so you can stay focused while making music.

As a songwriter, you need a lot of tools, from DAWs to recording software. Fortunately, there are countless great songwriting tools at your disposal.

Here, we showcase 12 useful songwriting tools you may not have heard of before. Our list includes software, apps, and tools hosted entirely online, even accessible from your smartphone.

1. The Black Hook Theory

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (2)

Visit the website:Hooktheory Hook Pad

Hookpad by Hooktheory is a handy online tool when you have an idea and want to know what it sounds like. Just go to the site and post it. You can add notes by pressing the keys 1 to 7, and set the duration of each note by pressing the H, J, K, and L keys on the keyboard.

In addition to quickly adding notes, you can choose key, tempo, instrumentation, and create a simple track with just a few tracks in minutes. Record the songs you create and export them so you can listen to them later. With Hookpad, you'll never miss a thought. You can just "save" it and then export the melody.

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2. Circle of Fifths

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (3)

Visit the website:around friday

Circle of Fifths is an interactive online tool developed by Rand Scullard to help you find the key of a song, transpose music into a different key, create new songs, and understand key , scale and key signature.

All you have to do is record the note progression of a song and use the circle of fifths to tune it or find out what key the song is written in. The tool uses different mods like Lydan and Locrian and all tonics and can even be used offline. To do this, simply use the "Save As" function in your browser. Then, when you want to use the tool, just double-click on the saved page.

3. Tips (iOS)

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (4)

wear this:App Store (Apple)

Suggester is an iOS tool that helps you create chord progressions and even songs. It lets you find chords that really work well together in a highly interactive and intuitive way. Suggestor helps you build complex phrases.

Using the app, you can easily make edits such as changing tempo, scale and selecting a kit from the included catalogue. Enter your chords, choose a scale, and the app will suggest scales that fit your input. If the chords you want to use are not in the Suggestor catalog, you can add them manually.

4. Rhythm area

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (5)

Visit the website:rhyme strip

RhymeZone is completely online and its most basic use is to easily find words that rhyme with what you already have. You can also take advantage of some advanced features. For example, RhymeZone lets you look up definitions, antonyms, synonyms, and even similar-sounding words. By using it, your texts will always be fresh and you can easily get away from situations where your brain is not cooperating with you.

5. Live Ableton

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Visit the website:Ableton Live

Ableton Live is the most popular songwriting tool on this list. It's an almost universal tool for live music performance and composition, with an emphasis on electronic melodies. For many musicians, it is a tool used in every stage performance.

Ableton Live takes a unique approach to programming and composition. It's not like a traditional DAW, but it's fast and easy to use. The clip-based approach used is intuitive and helps you create music tracks quickly. You can use it for composition and live performance.

6. Gitara Pro

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (7)

Visit the website:Gitara Pro

Guitar Pro is a very useful sheet music/tabulation program. It allows you to create and download music transcriptions. There are several functions available, but most guitarists will use the app for three tasks.

The first is to compose music for the guitar (although it is possible to compose for other instruments as well). The second is to improvise with transcriptions, and the third is to learn parts or entire songs of songs using included tools like Looper and Speed ​​Trainer.

With Guitar Pro you can download standard and TAB transcriptions from well-known industry websites such as ultimate-guitar.com. You can also compose music and find accompanying tracks.

7. Reverse Chord Finder

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (8)

Visit the website:Inverted Chord Finder

Simply put, Reverse Chord Finder (also known as Chord Identifier) ​​is very useful when you have a melody with notes in hand and want to find the corresponding chord names. Find the chord of a note and the related chords.

Reverse Chord Finder recognizes all major chord types including major, minor, diminished, augmented, seventh, eleventh and sustained chords. If you want to match the chords to the appropriate scale, you may want to considerbest chord finder, if you prefer piano, usePiano Chord Finder.

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8. Scale 2

Visit the website:scale 2

If you use a DAW, Scaler 2 is a plug-in you should consider as it enhances your melodies, expressions and ideas. It's very good at detecting audio and MIDI, allowing you to discover ways to improve your melodies.

Scaler 2 has countless benefits, including discovering musical keys, alternate scales, browsing chord collections from over 200 artists, identifying and viewing chord changes, using strums or arpeggios, and discovering possible chord substitutions. With Scaler 2, you can take control of your synth and enhance your entire composition.

9. Rhyme Brain

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (10)

Visit the website:brain rhymes

RhymeBrain is a simple online text tool that helps you work with poetry and lyrics. It works in a very intuitive way - you write lyrics and get rhyming suggestions immediately. There is also something to be said about the last word in the line. This will help you improve your lyrics and find creative ways to rhyme when you get stuck.

Since the RhymeBrain editor is available on the website, you can access it from any device with an internet browser. It's designed for beginners, but it's also great for experienced songwriters.

10. sing

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (11)

Visit the website:singing

Songcraft is a unique all-in-one online platform for songwriters. It's available for free and lets you effectively collaborate with other songwriters to improve the song you're writing. Write tabs, chords or text using the selected device. Then upload or record audio files to organize songs into collections.

The collaboration aspect is helpful, as you can work on songs in real-time using comments, chat, and even video. Songcraft also includes several integrated tools to assist songwriters, such as a syllable counter, metronome, tuner, and music dictionary. People who compose together but aren't in the same studio now have access to all the tools they need to continue creating songs.

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11. GarageBand

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (12)

wear this:App Store (Apple)

GarageBand is basically your mobile recording studio. When it comes to the songwriting process, you never know when inspiration will strike, so you need something close at hand to capture your thoughts, lyrics, basic beats, etc.

You can create a song from scratch and add drums, guitars, synths and bass to it. It's a proven method for artists who travel a lot.

While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to the songwriting process, this app is a great addition to your arsenal for capturing your thoughts in the moment and transferring them to the studio later.

12. A Simple Songwriter

12 Great Songwriting Tools - 2023 (Online Tools, Apps, Software) - Musician Wave (13)

wear this:App Store (Apple)

Another great iOS app is Simple Songwriter, which lets you securely record your thoughts. The app includes many useful features such as generating song ideas, recording, finding good chords and chord progressions that complement each other, identifying and changing keys, and researching existing songs.

The program's user interface provides the right atmosphere for creating song ideas quickly and easily, as well as recording songs for later study.

Not only is this app incredibly useful, but it's also a great tool for the entire songwriting process. When inspiration strikes, just pull out your phone and start recording for later when you bring it into the studio.


The songwriting process is a very personal experience for an artist. Every songwriter writes differently, and it's important to discover what works best for you. Technology has undoubtedly influenced this craft and made songwriting easier than ever.

Take your time, take your time - start with a simple tool that requires little investment and expand as you master it.

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Use the songwriting process as another way to improve lyrics and collaborate with other artists. Experiment and find out what works for you and what doesn't so you can remember it for future reference.

The main goal is to have fun and discover new ways, like the ones mentioned in this article, that can help you become a better songwriter!


What is the free songwriting software for Mac? ›

GarageBand is another free digital audio workstation and songwriting tool, developed by Apple and therefore accessible only on Apple's macOS, iPad, and iOS devices.

What is the songwriting app for Mac? ›

GarageBand For iOS – Songwriting App

This songwriting app makes it incredibly simple to play, record, and share your music no matter where you are. Similar to the desktop Mac version, GarageBand for iOS allows you to tap into a wide range of instruments from around the world.

How much is demo songwriting app? ›

Built by and for songwriters, no matter their musical expertise, Demo aims to democratize songwriting. Get unlimited access to over 100 exclusive features with Demo+! SUBSCRIPTION PRICING, TERMS, & CONDITIONS: The Demo+ subscription is $39.99 USD per year or $5.99 USD per month.

Is there a free app that writes music as you sing? ›

ScoreCloud Songwriter

Record your singing and playing. Our AI generates a lead sheet with melody notation, lyrics and chord symbols.

What software do song artists use? ›

Best Music Making Software of 2022
  • Ableton. Based in Germany and California, Ableton is an industry stalwart that's extremely popular with recording artists. ...
  • Avid Pro Tools. ...
  • PreSonus Studio One. ...
  • Audacity. ...
  • Waveform Pro & Free. ...
  • Steinberg Cubase. ...
  • Reaper. ...
  • iZotope Music Production Suite.
Mar 28, 2022

Does Apple Music pay songwriters? ›

In 2023, Apple Music pays artists $0.01 per stream on average. So essentially 1 stream is equal to 1 penny earned.

Is there an app where I can write music? ›

StaffPad is an award-winning music composition app, designed for pen and touch, and built for composers. StaffPad lets you write music notation in your own handwriting; record and import audio; edit with the convenience of touch, and hear your composition played back with breathtakingly realistic sounds.

What is the Apple song making app? ›

The 10 Best Music-Making Apps for iOS and Android
  • GarageBand iOS.
  • The LANDR App.
  • Ableton Note.
  • FL Studio Mobile.
  • Korg iElectribe.
  • Spire.
  • Beatmaker 3.
  • Steinberg Cubasis.
Feb 9, 2023

How much should I charge for 1 song? ›

But how much should you charge for the production of a song? Here is what I know from a lot of feedback from songwriters and producers: Song producers make anywhere from $750 up to around $35000 per song or more. Experience, recognition of the produced artist, and negotiation skills affect the paid fee the most.

How much can a song writer sell a song for? ›

Very popular songwriters get paid per track, but they also get the benefits of mechanical synchronization for each song. Total royalties owed to a songwriter can account for up to $. 09 per reproduction or sale of a song and up to . 02 per stream of a song.

How do I start making my own song? ›

Here's a basic step-by-step process beginners can follow to write a song:
  1. Write a chorus melody, using your instrument.
  2. Decide on a song structure.
  3. Write the verse, using your instrument.
  4. Create vocal melodies for chorus and verses.
  5. Write lyrics for those vocal melodies.
  6. Add a bridge, if desired.
  7. Write the intro and outro.

Can I write my own music? ›

Anyone can write a song! All you really need is some basic knowledge of a melody instrument like a guitar or a piano, an idea, and the proper methodology. As long as you know how to brainstorm ideas for your song, how to write lyrics, and how to put a song together, you can call yourself a songwriter.

Can I sample my own song? ›

Yes. In order to legally make use of songs and recordings you do not own or control, and which have been sampled in your recording, you must obtain the consent of the owners of the copyright in each of those songs, as well as the consent of the owners of each of the recordings you have used.

What websites pay you to sing? ›

Here are some of the top freelancer websites to offer up your vocal recording services:
  • soundbetter.com (freelance musician focused)
  • vocalizr.com (connects you to producers looking to hire singers for their tracks)
  • airgig.com (freelance musician focused)
  • fiverr.com (general freelancer website)
Aug 26, 2019

Which singing app pays you? ›

WeSing is a popular karaoke app that allows users to sing along with their favorite songs. If you're passionate about singing and have a large following on WeSing, here are some good news for you on how you can turn your passion into a source of income. Here are cool tips on How To Earn Money from WeSing.

What app turns your voice into a musical instrument? ›

HumBeatz is the revolutionary music making application that allows you to hum or beatbox and turn it into the musical instrument of your choice. Now you can quickly create musical parts and song sketches with just your mouth!

Which is the best music software? ›

The best software for Music Production 2023 includes:
  • PreSonus Studio One 6.
  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 12.
  • Image Line FL Studio 21.
  • Ableton Live 11.
  • Bitwig Studio 4.
  • Reason Studios Reason 12.
  • Apple Logic Pro.
  • AVID Pro Tools.
Jan 1, 2023

What software do singers use to sound better? ›

Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio

If you want to sound better, Voloco is an excellent option to use as an audio editor as well as a recording studio.

What is the most popular music recording software? ›

The Best Recording Software for Musicians
  1. Pro Tools. Pro Tools is often called the industry standard of recording software. ...
  2. Logic Pro X. Logic Pro X excels in electronic music production. ...
  3. GarageBand (Free) GarageBand is another macOS software. ...
  4. Audacity (Free) ...
  5. Ableton Live.
Mar 7, 2023

How can I write music at home? ›

It's totally free and you have nothing to lose.
  1. Be Honest About Your Skill Level. ...
  2. Play Around on Your Instrument. ...
  3. Find the Tone of the Song. ...
  4. Begin Fleshing It Out. ...
  5. Come Up With a Rough Draft. ...
  6. Give the Song Some Breathing Room. ...
  7. Come Back and Get to Work. ...
  8. Come Up With a Second Draft.
Jun 30, 2020

How good is GarageBand to make music? ›

GarageBand is able to record studio-quality signals, so if a professional sound is what you're after and you've made some investments in your studio set up and bought good equipment, the results will indeed be studio quality. You can add effects and get a great mix within GarageBand.

Is Apple Music app free? ›

Apple Music is available in iTunes, and for iOS and Android devices. $4.99/mo.

Can you make songs on iPhone? ›

GarageBand turns your iPad, and iPhone into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. And with Live Loops, it makes it easy for anyone to have fun creating music like a DJ.

What software do writers use free? ›

Size of the book writing software.
Writing SoftwarePerfect for...Cost
LibreOfficeThose in need of a free alternative to Microsoft WordFree
Google DocsThose in need of a free, flexible optionFree with a Gmail account
yWriterThose in need of a free software designed especially for book writersFree
12 more rows
Sep 10, 2020

What is the alternative to OnSong for Mac? ›

OnSong for Mac
  • OpenSong Free. by Opensong. OpenSongs is a versatile application intended to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overheads, and projections. ...
  • Download. Binder. by VadeCreation. ...
  • ScoreCloud Free. by DoReMIR Music. ...
  • Download. ChordPro Buddy. ...
  • Download. TabKeeper.

Does Mac have a music editor? ›

The Audio Editor displays the audio waveform of the regions on an audio track. You can copy, paste, move, trim, split, and join audio regions. Using the Audio Editor grid, you can precisely align edits with specific points in time.

How can I mix music for free on my Mac? ›

MixPad is free music recording and mixing software for Mac OS X designed for easy audio production. Simply drag and drop your audio clips onto the timeline then mix music, vocal and audio tracks, adjust the volume, pan, fade, and add audio effects including EQ, compression, reverb and more.

What platform do most writers use? ›

Best Writing Software: Contents
  • Scrivener.
  • Google Docs.
  • Dabble.
  • Google Sheets OR Microsoft Excel.
  • Vellum.
  • ProWritingAid.
  • Publisher Rocket.
  • Atticus.

What apps do professional writers use? ›

Professional writers use a variety of apps to write their novels. Scrivener, MS Word, Final Draft, Google Docs, Plottr — there are so many great apps that bestselling writers use for their writing process.

What software does Stephen King use? ›

Interesting fact: Stephen King uses MS Word writing software to draft his book manuscripts. He uses Final Draft to write screenplays. How much does MS Word cost? Microsoft Word costs $139.99 as a one-time purchase.

What is SongBook app? ›

On Android 5.0 or higher, SongBook can display PDF documents. It will always show a single page at a time, or two pages in landscape mode. You can scroll to the next/previous page with swipe down/up, or a double tap or a pedal. You can reference PDFs in playlists. However, PDFs cannot be edited, tagged, transposed etc.

Why Macos is better for music? ›

Macs run well, crash infrequently, offer a lot of power out of the gate, feature an intuitive interface and design, and live a long time. With fewer maintenance costs, the price of admission is usually worth it. These machines really are perfect for music production and creative endeavours in general.

What device is best for OnSong? ›

OnSong runs on any iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) running iOS 9 or later. While OnSong runs on older devices, for best results we recommend an iPad Air or higher.

Do Hollywood editors use Mac or PC? ›

Mac or PC? Both Macs and PCs are used in Hollywood post-production studios, and there are compelling arguments for both sides. Apple is clearly a plus when running its own native software like Final Cut Pro and Motion, while both Macs and PCs work well for other NLE software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Which audio editor is best? ›

Best Audio Editing Software of 2023
  • Best Overall: Audacity.
  • Best Free: GarageBand.
  • Best for Live Music: Adobe Audition.
  • Best for Podcasts: Hindenburg Pro.
  • Best for Music Production: Ableton Live.
  • Best for Professionals: Pro Tools.
  • Best for Apple Devices: Logic Pro.
  • Best for Android Devices: AudioLab.

What editing software should I use for music? ›

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is our pick for best audio editor overall. It's a serious top-end sound production toolkit that can take almost any audio file and make it into its very best industry-compliant version of itself, in 32-bit float, tv, radio and internet-ready.

What is Apple GarageBand used for? ›

GarageBand puts a complete music studio on your computer, so you can make your own music to share with the world. You can create songs and other types of projects in GarageBand.

How do I add my own music to Apple Music for free? ›

To put your music on Apple Music, simply sign up for a free RouteNote account, head to the Distribution tab, then go to Create New Release. Simply fill out the metadata required, upload your audio and artwork, then select the stores and territories you want your music to appear in.

Is Apple Music free in Mac? ›

New subscribers get 1 month of Apple Music free, then pay ₹99 per month.


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